Open Road FAQ

What are the voice commands?

Open Road does not accept natural language commands (e.g. "Search for burgers"). It only accepts pre-defined speech commands. Below is the list of commands.

Contacts (these commands only work for a contact that you have made into a shortcut on the app):

Call <contact first name>

Text <contact first name>


Navigate Home

Opening apps in Open Road:

Open <app name>


Play Music

Stop Music

Next Song

Previous Song

How do I see traffic on the map?

Go into settings, click Maps, then click "Show Traffic Data".

None of the third party apps from my device are listed in Open Road, where can I find them?

Over time we will be adding more third party apps, however this is only possible if the specific app developer allows us to do so. Send us an email requesting which third party apps you would like and we will check if they are available.